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Scientists analysed women’s handbags and found lethal levels of bacteria

Women’s handbags and make-up bags as little as six months old have been found to contain unsafe levels of potentially lethal bacteria in new laboratory tests.

A range of make-up bags and handbags from four British beauty bloggers were subjected to stringent scientific analysis at the microbiology department of London Metropolitan University.

All of them tested positive for harmful strains of bacteria including salmonella, which causes chronic food poisoning, and cronobacter, a deadly strain of bacteria which causes neonatal meningitis.

It has led to microbiologists calling for a ban on such bags to be taken onto hospital wards by visitors.

Microbiologist Paul Matewele, from the London Metropolitan University, said: “I was really surprised at the high level of bacteria found on the bags and that some of them are extremely virulent pathogens.

“All of the bags tested positive for a large number of bacteria under strict laboratory tests.

“We swabbed the interior and exterior the bags and it was clear early on that several types of bacteria were present.”

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