As a physician with a back ground in microbiology, who made house calls to elderly patients, and to a variety of nursing homes, I worried about my medical paraphernalia carrying unwanted microbes from place to place. Now we have Wrapurse, a great way to protect the medical professional and the patients. All facilities need to make these handy little throw away covers available to families and nursing staff who visit homes of frail and elderly people.

Dr. Kaaren Douglas, Thousand Oaks, CA

I must say that I love my Wrapurse items.  I have purchased both the original and now the disposal.  I have confidence wherever I go in public – gym, ice rink, restrooms, airplanes, and restaurants!  The other great thing is when someone sees me using my Wrapurse I am asked, “where did I find this and how do I get it?”  I of course share my knowledge and am quick to tell them how quickly the product arrives.  I am proud to say I run out of product faster than I can seem to keep it on me.

Kristina S., Oak Park, CA

Wrapurse has saved my bag several times.  I recently bought a beautiful light colored Kate Spade.  When I went to my daughter’s basketball game, I felt good about putting it down on the floor and knowing that it would be protected.  Thanks Wrapurse!

Tanya G., Agoura, CA 

I just want to say that I LOVE my Wrapurse and I want to order more colors!  It has come in handy SO many times!  I no longer have to hang my purse around my neck when I use public restrooms that don’t have hooks on the inside of the door.  When seated at a bar, most times I’m stuck with my purse in my lap.  Awkward!  Now I can put it down by my feet and not worry about dirt and germs.  Thank you for this simple but incredibly useful idea!  You’ve saved my leather bags!

Marj, Chandler, AZ

I love the Wrapurse! I have been waiting for something like this for long time! I have a very active lifestyle with two athletic boys and its so nice to know that the purses that have invested in and love so much are protected when I am at one of their sporting events. The Wrapurse is durable, reliable,  and easy to use. It also come in a variety of colors to match whatever bag I am carrying. With the Wrapurse I can relax and enjoy watching my boys play without the worry of my bag becoming damaged or dirty!

Thank you Wrapurse!!!!

Stacy, Malibu, CA

I absolutely love these Purse Protectors. Not only do they protect my bags from dirt, etc… they are rich in color and actually add a touch to the bag itself. WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED WITH PROTECTOR TURN IT INSIDE OUT AND PLACE IT “IN THE INCLUDED POUCH”… or… from bag to bag like I do.

Amerigold, QVC Review

So excited our celebrity fan, Shaun Robinson loves Wrapurse!  She said, “Now, this is really unique! My girlfriend just gave me this gift called the wrapurse and it protects the bottom of your purse from dirt and germs.  You don’t have to set your purse right on dirty counters/floors.  Thank you so much!!!

Shaun, Los Angeles, CA