“Presence of dangerous bacteria….evidence of fecal matter….can potentially lead to overwhelming infections in your wipesbloodstream.” Sounds scary, right? Where would something like this be? you might ask. Well, according to a travel story from NBC tests revealed it was in security bins at an airport!

It makes unfortunate, disgusting sense when you think about it. Shoes go in those bins. Think about all the nasty places we have to walk in our shoes. Now multiply that by the number of times the bin gets shoes put in it before it’s cleaned. Same goes for luggage. We roll our luggage on the same floors we walk on. Our luggage then gets put on the belt where those same bins roll across. Our laptops go in those bins which in turn go back in our bag to spread the bacteria even further. The list goes on and on. Then there’s the machine that tests liquids when you need bring something like breast milk through security for your child. Are those machines cleaned between every test??

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