At Wrapurse, we value what’s important to you – fashion. Remember your favorite purse? The one you spent all that money on? The one that you accidentally put down in something that ruined the bottom…

Wrapurse provides the ONLY protective cover for the bottom of your purse, preserving beauty and cleanliness, and giving you confidence to put your favorite bag down anywhere. Wrapurse is a quick and easy solution for travelers, moviegoers and those who simply want peace of mind for their fashion statement.

I’m Cyndie Heap, founder of Wrapurse®. As a mompreneur, fashionista, and chauffeur to my two boys, I’m always on the go. Whether its running errands, or running my kids to practice I was putting my purse down on all kinds of filthy surfaces. That’s when I noticed how disgusting the bottom of my purse had become from rusty shopping carts, muddy fields, doctors’ office floors, and god only knows what else! It wasn’t until I took my kids to the movies and found sticky gum stuck to the bottom of my favorite designer handbag, when I finally reached my limit. I was determined to find something to protect my purse – Wrapurse is the solution.

Fit Wrapurse around bottom of your favorite purse and you’re protected. It’s that simple! Where can you use Wrapurse?

  • Hospitals & Doctors’ Offices
  • Movie Theater Floors
  • Sports Venues
  • Airport Security Bins
  • Under Your Airplane Seat
  • Literally Everywhere!

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